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The Sickness Assassin Story

As I began to walk out the life Jesus paid for starting in October 2018 many were being healed. I wanted to find a way for people to hear more about Jesus and I started Steven Woodward Ministries by setting up a website. I created T-Shirts with simple unique sayings and scripture verses that were not common, one of which said "Sickness Assassin".  When I went out to do street ministry I wore different shirts and handed out business cards after I prayed for them. As I posted more online I begin to have people call for prayer and I started to teach people over the phone who they were in Christ, about divine healing and the supernatural. As this grew, I started to teach on my YouTube channel and then I created my own Podcast. I needed a podcast identity and it was then "Sickness Assassin" was born and became my alter ego! 

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